About the Project

Aurora Dreams, the most recent Aurora production, is an interactive, real-time, web-based visualization of personal and cross-cultural interpretations of Aurora Borealis and Aurora Australis–the Polar Lights.

The dazzling geo-specific Aurora is a physical phenomenon, in which electrically charged sub atomic particles are sent soaring into the ionosphere by solar winds. Best observed in the Polar Regions, the mysterious, magnificent Aurora is not merely a brilliant, natural revelation; the spectacle indeed makes dramatically visible the invisible world of electromagnetic activities. In most polar cultures, the evocative Auroras have for millennia been regarded as having mythical, spiritual, and cosmological significance.

The Aurora Project aims to explore the notion of changing perceptions concerning the visible and non-visible domains of the electromagnetic spectrum through engaging current technology in a dialogue between naturally occurring electro-magnetic turbulence and our everyday existence. Over the years the Project, initiated by Stephen Kovats and Nina Czegledy in 1996, has brought together a range of professionals working within the arts and sciences interested in addressing mythological, aesthetic and scientific readings of the aurora.

Aurora Dreams is based on earlier elements of the Aurora Project. It seeks to explore the imaginary or actual narratives surrounding the Polar Lights and celebrate its mysterious, dynamic and whimsical dance of light. It is an animated word presentation of descriptive keywords submitted by live participants. By receiving and displaying words in different languages, then visually organizing these words by the frequency of entries for that particular entry, the visualization allows a comparative perspective on how the Aurora is perceived across diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds. Its visual aesthetic, through the color and motion of the animation, conjures the sublime experience of viewing the multihued and rhythmic undulations of the Aurora.

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