AuroraLive brings together an interdisciplinary team of designers, programmers, producers and curators working together between Canada, Finland, UK and Sweden.

Event partners

Nina Czegledy Artist, Curator

Senior Fellow, KMDI, University of Toronto, Adjunct Associate Professor, Concordia University, Montreal

Nina Czegledy, media artist and curator has collaborated on international projects, produced digital works and has lead and participated in workshops, forums and festivals worldwide. Resonance the Electromagenticbodies, Digitized Bodies Virtual Spectacles and the Aurora Projects reflect her art & science interest. Czegledy curated over 35 media programs presented internationally. Her academic lectures lead to numerous international publications. Czegledy is the President of Critical Media, KMDI Senior Fellow, University of Toronto Adjunct Associate Professor, Concordia University, and the current Chair of the Inter Society for the Electronic Arts (ISEA).

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Aurora Live Collaborators

Daniel Barber Creative and Technical Architect

Daniel is founder of Aleph1, a creative studio that produces narrative rich experiences across a wide range of media. As a devotee of art, technology, mathematics and political theory he believes that there is a polymath within all of us seeking to get out. During his career he has produced video games, music videos, and developed design strategies for clients including, TELETOON, CBC, Adobe, and BBDO. His past experiences as a creative director, art director and design consultant led him to his keen understanding of narrative and its importance to communication. Daniel’s work has been recognized by Applied Arts magazine, Marketing Magazine, New York Festival, and the New York Times. In addition to his client work he is currently producing an anti-war video game collection and a graphic novel entitled, ‘Consumed’.

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Seken Chung Technical Infrastructure

Seken Chung is a multimedia designer and writer living in Toronto. He graduated from the Interactive Art and Entertainment Programme at the Canadian Film Centre’s Habitat New Media Lab in 2002. Since then, he has founded Bind Media, an independent firm providing digital media services to an international clientele.

In addition to these activities, he is currently completing work on two new web entities:, a weblog that explores the platitudes of life; and, an experimental database-driven site that relies on fuzzy intelligence and rich media to randomly generate a storyline. He is also currently working on an interactive art installation that employs video tracking and robotics to create a digital interface through which fish can communicate amongst themselves.

His projects continue to reflect his interest in fish, science and the arts.

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Trevor Haldenby Narrative Design

Trevor is a multidisciplinary creator and thinker based in Toronto. Since completing a residency at the Canadian Film Centre’s Habitat New Media Lab earlier this year, he has been working on numerous projects as a photographer, musical deviser, video designer, producer, and installation artist.

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Chris Hession Sound Design

Chris Hession is a visual artist and musician. He produces a wide variety of music combining acoustic and electronic, and making music through the exploration of harmonics and rhythms found around us in both natural- and human-constructed environments. Particularly interested in the intersection of sight and sound, Chris is the Atmospheric Architect and contributing artist for an interactive and multi-platform children’s animated series; responsible for the convergence of musical and visual atmospheres. Hession recently completed Painting in Dali’s Garden, a workshop conducted by Robert Venosa and Martina Hoffman in Cadaques, Spain. Chris works at the Sandra Ainsley Glass Gallery, located in Toronto’s historic Distillery District.

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Debbie Hession Project Lead, Editor

Deborah Hession is an inter-media artist, interactive strategist and producer with a particular interest in the relationship between the tangible and the virtual/ethereal. Co-founder of Action Pact Designs, Deborah co-develops Into It!, a networked, interactive learn-by-play physical computing system for people who benefit to learning while moving. In collaboration with the Canadian Film Centre’s Habitat New Media Lab and The University of Toronto’s Adaptable Technology Lab, Deborah will investigate the potential benefits the Into It! system may have in advancing learning and socialization skills for children with Autism and ADD. Participant in the 2005 invitational workshop Building Strong Foundations: The Role of Technology in Supporting Pre-School Learners (NESTA FutureLab, Bristol, UK), Deborah looks to realize the interactive toy concept synergized there. Hession is creator and producer of an original, multi-platform, interactive, animated and musical series that follows historical sub-cultural paths; integrating modern visionary auditory and visual expressions. She has created and published 4 children’s books, and is publisher of 3 novels for young adults. Programme Enrolment Advisor for The Canadian Film Centre’s Habitat New Media Lab, Hession produces networking and information events showcasing the innovative interactive narrative works produced within the TELUS Interactive Art and Entertainment Programme.

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Greg Judelman Visualization Designer

Greg Judelman, interaction designer, is currently working in Toronto with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation’s web team. His passion for visualization as an interface and representation strategy stems from a great interest in exploring the aesthetic and communicational essence of digital information. He has worked as a commercial interaction designer as well as a media arts researcher; including stints at Canada’s Banff Centre and an M.Sc. at Germany’s International School of New Media. He has been lucky enough to experience the magic of the Aurora sky on two occasions, and has now been a part of two visualization experiments inspired by the Northern Lights.

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Duncan Kushnir Technical Advisor and Hosting Support, Sweden

Duncan Kushnir, physicist, musician and environmental engineer, has been constantly involved in projects where art and science meet. His interests and resume include everything from the construction of high power lasers out of beer bottles to DJing at events internationally. Duncan is currently studying industrial ecology in Göteborg, Sweden and is proud to be able to assist the AuroraLive team in this endeavour.

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Chris Mendis Web Design

Chris Mendis is a practicing web developer. He has done website and content management system development for the University of Toronto and the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health. His recent forays into technical implementations of and web authoring for interactive art projects are a result of his residency in the Habitat New Media Lab at the Canadian Film Centre, where he is completing the TELUS Interactive Art and Entertainment Programme. The prototype he is working on, an interactive film tentatively called ‘Meanwhile’, is under consideration for inclusion in the McLuhan International Festival of the Future. Chris has found doing technical work in the interactive art industry an incredibly rewarding and exciting experience, and he hopes to get a chance to work on many more projects of this nature in the future.

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Caitlin O’Donovan Project Lead

For the past six years Caitlin has been involved in the Canadian new media community through a variety of training, production and investment initiatives. Currently Caitlin oversees new media production at the Canadian Film Centre’s Habitat New Media Lab, including the Interactive Art & Entertainment Programme and the Interactive Narrative Feature Programme. She is also the National Producer of the Interactive Project Lab, a bilingual accelerator program that has incubated and invested in over a dozen new media companies and assisted more than 60 emerging producers in workshops across Canada. She presently manages the Canadian Film Centre’s TELUS Innovation Fund where she oversees a $3.5 million portfolio of properties in Western Canada as well as a new fund investing in innovation and entertainment.

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The Wunderkammer of Light Symposium Presenters / Discussants

  • Michael Punt Reader in Digital Art and Technology
    University of Plymouth, UK Editor in Chief of Leonardo Reviews

  • Martha Blassnigg Cultural Anthropologist
    University of Plymouth, UK Editor in Chief of Leonardo Reviews

  • Johan Silan Geophysicist
    Finnish Meteorological Institute, Helsinki

  • Oliver Kochta-Kalleinen Artist
    Romantic Geographic Society, Helsinki

  • Esa Turunen Ph.D. Head of the Aeronomy Unit
    Sodankya Geophysical Observatory, Sodankyla

  • Kirsti Kauristien Scientist
    Finnish Meteorological Institute, Helsinki

  • Olaf Amm Scientist
    Finnish Meteorological Institute, Helsinki

  • Jean PIerre Aube VLF Sound Artist

Helsinki Production

In collaboration with:

  • Minna Tarkka

  • Maria Candia Producer

  • Paula Haveste Program Development Manager
    Heureka the Finnish Science Centre

  • Mikko Syrjaesuo Aurora Scientific Recordings
    Institute for Space Research, University of Calgary, Canada

  • Rasmus Vuori Scientific on-line data
    Sodankyla Geophysical Observatory, Helsinki

  • Jean-Pierre Aube Sound Display
    (very low frequency Aurora recordings)

  • Ville Aaltonen Light Display

  • Maria Candia Food Design
    (Finnish tapas served as smorgasbord)